Transformation into Worker-Employer Cooperation..

We live in a mechanical era when both manufacturing and service are automated. As a result of increased mechanization, all business participants must become more qualified and work together for a longer period of time…

As a result, employers who develop well-thought-out business models that turn the worker-employer relationship into worker-employer cooperation will have a leg up on the competition.

With its experienced personnel, our Attorney Partnership assists our customers in structuring and managing the worker-employer relationship in line with labour laws from the beginning of the recruitment process.

On the other hand, we assess collective and individual client needs and provide realistic and applicable legal advice in line with Turkey’s contemporary working culture and labour legislation, as well as boutique-style consultant services.

The consultancy services we provide in this area include the following elements.

– Dispute resolution, including litigation and mediation

– Review and rearrangement of Employment Contracts

– Foreigners law (residence and work permit, special visa procedures)

– Risk assessments for termination of employment contract